7.62 x 51mm blank - Sudan HS?

I’ve just added this cartridge to my collection. I was told that it is from Sudan. Can anyone confirm that? A translation would be nice too if anyone can help.

Dave S

The important character is the one at the 2-3 O’Clock position in your photo. According to Colonel Ahmed K, Al-Khalifa, of the Saudi Public Security Lab (at the time he wrote a paper on “Headstamps with Arabic Markings”), that character stands for “Alsudania,” the Arabic name for Sudan.

The character at about 5 O’Clock in your photo appears to be the numeral “2.” The entry that runs from about 8 O’Clock back to the 6 O’Clock position in your photo simply says “7.62”. the characters from about 11 O’Clock to about 1 O’Clock on your photo are upside down as seen in the photo, but ar the numbers 1980 or 1985. Obviously a Julian calender date. The last character in that group is always difficult for me, as a zero is simply a dot in Arabic, while a five can vary from a small circle to a triangular shape but with rounded “points” to almost the classic diamond shape. I cannot tell in this stamping, filled with white out, if it is a “0” or a “5”. someone not so ignorant of Arabic as I probably can.

The final character, I cannot interpret. I am tempted to say the letter “M” which could stand for a lot of things, but it seems to be oriented wrong. It is similar to the mark for “Misr” found on Egyption rounds, but that would not make sense, I think, because “Misr” is the old name for Egypt in their language. According to Al-Khalifa, “M” can also stand for “MIM” an Arabic acronym for “Muslim,” probably, on a headstamp where things are abbreviated, indicating a Muslim State. Again, though, I am not at all sure it is even the character for “M.” As with many other things, I am not very good with Arabic.

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I would definitely call it a 1980.

There are 5 entries in the headstamp. They read

3 o’clock: SEEN, the Arabic letter S
4 o’clock: 2
7 o’clock: 7.62
9 o’clock: FEH, the Arabic letter F
12 o’clock: 1980, standing on its head

The letter SEEN in the past has always been credited as the mark on Sudanese cartridges. Although I heard and saw h/s with only 3 entries.

This thing looks very much to me as if it was made in Egypt by the way. A VERY nice find, and if there are more I would be happy about a PM!