7.62 x 51mm Blanks & Dummies need ID


I have a few 7.62x51 Blanks & Dummies that need ID.



From left to right
1, 2, 3 West German made plastic dummies - there is also a transluscent white variation of dummies 1 and 3, and a yellow version of dummy 2. I’ve also seen suggestions that dummy 2 is of Dutch origin.
4 Most likely Austrian short range training cartridge (if there are break lines in the “bullet”, then it’s blank - I can’t tell from the photo)
5 Empty unprimed blank, possibly French in origin



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Dave, Can you give me some resolve as to 7.62mm “GERLICH”? Please see pictures of one I obtained.



This is the caliber .30-.15 RICA Salvo Squeezebore. RICA stands for Robinson Improved Conventional Ammunition. An early “cartridge of the month” http://cartridgecollectors.org/cmo/cmo07sep.htm shows a sectioned cartridge. I’ll post a picture of the box later ths weekend.




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Joe, the one at far right is an experimental blank by Nouvelle Cartoucherie de Survilliers, France.



Thank you. Someone had marked it Exp NCS, but I could not figure out the NCS. Nouvelle Cartoucherie de Survilliers, France!

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Anyone have some ideas for these related items?


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This older thread may help:




Thanks for the link but not much resolve there either. The white plastic casing does possibly coincide with the black and grey heads. However I am afraid to snap one in as I probably will not get it back out. If one snapped them together the length would be correct for the most part. I am still wondering of origin for clear sprue sample and the white.



Based on comparisons with similar loaded blanks in my collection, the clear plastic blank with the aluminum head is probably of US origin.



Ok, so per Alex’s link I will tag the opaque plastic one with the black and gray heads, French firm NCS or possibly Finnish. The clear one U.S. of unknown origin.

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OK fellas. How about these. I feel they might be Austrian. 5th one from the left with the brass colored primer is magnetic. Just the primer, not the head which looks like zinc. All other heads seem to be aluminum. Primers all seem to be same size with same type of crimp. Primers are smaller than normal 7.62 primers. More like small rifle primers.


I am not at home right now, but the red plastik ones very much look like the red plastik 30-06 ones that Raufoss / Norway made.



I am in agreement with René on these although the last all-aluminium round is new to me. Items 1 & 2 are the NM9. 3 & 4 are the NM126. The unusual flat-sided round is the NM134. These red rounds are all a product of Bakelittfabrikken. I’m not sure on the last two items but the head layout is so similar I’d put my money on them also coming from Bakelittfabrikken. Nice rounds Joe.


They certainly would be from Bakellitte rather than Raufoss. Depending on age, those flat-sided projectile versions may even be from Playmil, which I believe Bakellitte absorbed some years ago.


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Please check when you get a chance.



Of course it is Bakelitfabrikken and not Raufoss. Shouldn’t start writing before looking things up

Here is a picture of some primers variations on red plastik 30-06 blanks from BF. Of course no 100% proof that your 7,62 NATO are also from them but they look very similar

and a picture of some 30-06 (experimental) blanks / grenade lauching cartridges from Norway




Thanks. I did not even think to take a look at your cartridges on-line. I should have, as you just recently resolved sending me the link that I had lost to it.