7.62 x 51mm FN Blank

Can anybody clarify whether this cartridge with it’s distinctive thick red wax seal is a blank or a grenade blank please?

Short crimps and wax are an indicatar for a grenade blank. There are a few blanks with short crimps but you see them little, wax is only on grenade blanks.
wishes Jan.

I’m gonna nit-pick again, but this time it’s in the interest of safety.

There are Grenade Cartridges and there are Blank Cartridges. They are not the same. Calling it a Grenade Blank could lead to a conclusion that they are the same thing and that could lead to a serious accident.

A Grenade Cartridge is used to propel a grenade and a Blank Cartridge is used to make noise. A Grenade Cartridge can safely be used to make noise but a Blank Cartridge very definitely cannot be used to expel a grenade, or anything else, from a rifle.