7.62 x 51mm - FNB headstamp


I’ve recently added two 7.62 x 51mm cartridges to my collection both with FNB headstamps (Fabrique Nationale). The first is a ball round but the NATO symbol is (X) rather than the usual (+). Is there any significance to this?

Second cartridge has a white tip and a orange-red primer seal color more typical of cartridges made in the former Yugoslavia (Privi Partizan).

Is this a sub-sonic load (I believe that FN use a white tip for sub-sonic 5.7 x 28mm loads)? Is this made by Privi Partizan for FN? (See the thread on The Incestuous Ammunition Business!)



Might it be a tracer round, made for Sweden?

amkat.se/index.php?Env=Ammo& … ame=Tracer