7.62 X 54 Dummy query


I would appreciate help to ID this round

Black plastic one piece case and pointed bullet ,steel multi ringed base with what appears to be just a small dab of Black paint in the centre ,no markings at all, obviously a drill /dummy round but do we know who used it and who made it Randy


Sounds East German. Is the “primer” paint or black plastic?


This is almost certainly an East German Dummy round. The black “paint” is most likely a continuation of the plastic of the upper portion of the dummy, that is extruded down into a hole through the steel base, forming a snap cap and helping to anchor the two pieces together. I have several variations of this dummy. Earlier East German Black plastic dummies, made in many calibers by the way, had a small firing pin clearance “dimple” in the base - the plastic did not go all the way thru. Tomorrow, I will try to scan a few sectioned 9mm Makarovs, and perhaps a .32 auto dummy and get my friend Joe to post them on this forum, so that you can see the typical construction. I don’t have a sectioned 7.62 x 54R, but construction is similar.


Is this the dummy round? with the orignal box East German


I wanted to post pictures of a couple of cutaway DDR plastic/steel base dummy rounds to show the inner construction. However, after spending an hour trying to get a decent image, I gave up. I could not, even with help from photo shop, come up with a scan that was acceptable to me for publication on the form. I apologize to all.


Hi Gyrojet, thanks for the picture ,the round is the same except for the bullet tip ,yours is rounded where mine is pointed and the steel base on mine has a brighter finish ,John, looking closer at the black blob in the base ,it dose look like plastic and will be as you say a continuation of the plastic case forming a small snap cap, yhanks all Randy