7.62 x 54 ID & Value

This Q is from another Forum that I visit. Any help anyone?


I have just come upon some boxes of ammo for the 7.62X54 Russian in tan unmarked boxes with “W” and 16 as headstamps. From the source, I believe this to be some of the original US made ammo made for the original Czar contract by Remington and Westinghouse. Anyone have any information as to this or have you seen other examples? Also any idea of a value for it?

These are not uncommon in collector lots; $1-5 in good condition. The box is rarer than the shells. A good clean box full would be worth more. The W is for Winchester.


Do you mean 1 to 5 dollars per each cartridge?


[quote=“Ray Meketa”]CSAEOD

Do you mean 1 to 5 dollars per each cartridge?


Each - tops. Retails
vary greatly in such stuff.

You can find these in junk boxes at many shows for junk prices. My esitmate is for a nice clean specimen laid out in a sale for collectors. Many of them are now split at the neck from metal fatigue.

Many of these were not shipped to Russia due to the fall of the Czarist government. I have seen them in Winchester commercial boxes-never in the box described. I would like to see it.