7.62 x 54mm bulleted blank

Is this a legitimate military blank or has somebody got carried away with a paint pot? I can’t find any mention of this round in my usual reference sources.

These are legit military blanks. The white paint was used to simulate tracers in belt loading ops.
So a double training effect was achieved during exercises.

I have managed to find some info Jim, these are puka Wooden bulleted blanks and after 1942 Finish tracers were indeed white tipped “Red pre 1942” and I though all 7.62x54r tracers were green.

http://www.mosinnagant.net/f2nland.asp - it doesnt show the white tipped blank round but it shows the wooden blank and a white tipped tracer.


What exactly means “all were green”?
Green for tracers was only used by the USSR, WAPA and some communist states.
Finland is none of these.

What is WAPA?..Egypt used green for tracer on 7.62x54R too

Thank you gents, delighted to learn that its genuine!

WAPA = Warsaw Pact

Egypt and some others took over the calibers together with the markings.
And all that only long after 1945.

I am not 100% sure now (though almost) but I think Finland had 7.62x54R tracers before the USSR did. So how should they use green then? And why using the enemy color markings?

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For those not in the know Finland and Sweden are both “unique” in Europe in that they used (and use) white color to indicate tracers.

“NATO” code is red/orange and WAPA is green.