7.62 x 54mm Finnish Short Range?

Having caused a little confusion with a recent 7.62x39mm Finnish SR post perhaps I can do the same in this calibre!
The round on the left is a Finnish D166 Ball round (V P T 7 0) which is shown for comparison to the other two.

Centre is, I think, a Finnish short range ball (V P T 4 4)

Right. I don’t know. Is this a Finnish or Soviet round? Ball or tracer? Headstamp is (188 63)


First impression of the round on the right…looks like a .308/.30-06 tracer with a white tip.

I agree with Jon that the white-tip bullet doesn’t look Russian, but I don’t know this caliber very well. There was a place in the Northwest (Washington) that used to make “specialty” ammo by pulling bullets and putting other bullets in various cases, really muddying up the waters for collectors and students of small arms ammunition. They were not any too careful about dimaters, either - .308s in rounds that should have .312s (nominally), etc. They seemed to buy surplus lots of projectiles of various types and then use surplus ammunition to make up specialty loads. I wish I could remember where they were and the company name. I think they were in Washington State. Don’t know if they are still in business or not.

The white tip 7.62 x 54R is the sort of thing they would do. I am not saying they did it, by the way. As far as I know, it could be Russian-original, although it doesn’t look it to me, as a person who has handled a lot of ammo in this claiber, but not really studied it.

Centre(V P T 4 4) is a Finnish ball with S-284 bullet.

Right(188 63) could be a Finnish test version of tracer.

The right one is a Finnish tracer (7.62x51) projectile loaded on a Russian 7.62x54R steel case.

Designation is:
7,62 KIV vj S p th herm

Loaded by Sako in 1988 for use in machine guns.

Right. This is also what I was told about the specimen I used to have, only I was told it was loaded by the Soviets for the Finns. These were for the tank version of the PKM machinegun used in the T-72’s bought from the USSR (or so I was told…). Makes more sense that these were loaded in Finland. As I recall, my specimen had a red case mouth seal. Possible?


[quote=“AKMS”]As I recall, my specimen had a red case mouth seal. Possible?


Entirely possible.

Here another Finnish short range ctg with box label. The bullet is an very thick jacket without core.Wishes, Jan