7.62 x 54mm Soviet blanks

Did the Soviet Union ever produce a 7.62 x 54mm Blank cartridge? I ask because all the crimped blank-type cartridges that I’ve ever seen in this calibre, and of Soviet manufacture, have been referred to as ‘grenade cartridges’ as opposed to training blank cartridges.
Or does the 7.62mm Type KhB perhps serve both purposes? Has anybody ever seen belted blanks in this calibre?

Different Russian ammo mfg have produce crimped blanks well after the RPG was in wide use. The idea of using a Mosin or other Russian/Soviet firearm to launch a grenade was not a popular one. In Vietnam some m-44’s were converted to launch grenades but not many. It’s my belief that most were destined to be just blanks. Along the same lines that any .30-06 blank is a a grenade launching cartridge. Great for distributors and re-sellers but not true.

In 50th blank cartridges were unified and USSR adopted 57-Kh-340 with steel copper washed case as unified blank cartridge.