7.62 x 54mmR Cartridge Cases Modified Into Instant Trip Fuzes For Mines, UVG Model 1, USSR, WW2

From: http://www.russianarms.ru/forum/index.php?topic=10173.0 (Google translate)

Photos posted by "bar5428"

The two fuzes on the left are made from recycled 7.62x54mmR cartridge cases,

Simplified fuse sleeve UVG mod. No. 1 (Google translation) or Упрощенный взрыватель гильзовый УВГ обр. №1

From: http://saper.isnet.ru/history/istor-muv.html (Google translate, view this webpage for more detailed information)

Generic diagrams showing the components of the cartridge case fuze-

“Simplified fuse. Its device is extremely simple. It consists of the following parts - sleeve (or recycled cartridge case) (1), hammer (striker) (2), spring (3), capsule holder (4), P-shaped combat pin (5) and safety pin (6).”

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In the photo below are several versions of the fuze, the cartridge case version is shown on the right and the screw in igniter (capsule holder as shown above) is shown just below the cartridge case




Those are really very interesting & very neat Thanks Brian

Amazing the stuff turning up these days.

Pete, just to nitpick. The first I saw in Germany 25 years ago.


So do you have any additional photos or information???

Since you have seen these in person!!! :-) :-)


Alex, that was back in the last century, before the internet was invented (by that great American Al Gore*) & you get around more than me.

Kool !

  • Tongue planted firmly in cheek, meaning I’m kidding.

Brian, I did not even TAKE photos back then as it was in the good old “chemical film” days and way before I had discovered photography for my purposes.

Pete, not sure if I got around more but indeed, it was before my internet days too…

And for the sake of it, the (I think 2) items are today in the largest US collection of fuzes (owned by a former German).


I’ve heard the colletion is in Arizona, but have never seen it.

Not AZ anymore. The owner moved from there and is residing in CO while his collection is in FL (in the new ammo museum and training facility there - asap I will post details as the final setup has yet to be done).

My understanding was that it will be a training facility, but not open to the public?

Yesterday Erhard told me it also will be public.
Maybe not with regular opening hours but more something where you have to arrange for or so.
When he has it all running there will be a website and I shall come back with details.