7.62 x 54mmR ''Russian'' Cartridge, WRACo, 1905

From the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, McCracken Research Library digital collection, WRA Co. drawing collection here is a drawing, dated March 2nd, 1905, showing the 7.62x54mmR “Russian” cartridge.

Included in the pdf below is a screen shot of the drawing in its entirety and then screen shots of enlarged sections of the drawing to provide better detail.

7.62 x 54mmR ‘‘Russian’’ Cartridge, WRACo, 1905.pdf (1.1 MB)

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The likelyness is high that this drawing is related to the Russian purchase of this caliber in several countries in about 1905/1906 during the Russo-Japanese war where the Russians ran short on ammo. Same was done with 3" artillery ammo.
Just have not seen such cartridges then while we know of other manufacturers who have delivered cartridges in this time like:
Polte (hs “P”)
FN (hs “FN”)
Wöllersdorfer Werke, Berndorf (hs “B”)
Hirtenberger (hs “X”)
Did I miss somebody? Maybe a British company?

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Alex, a few missed :-)

A-H Empire
B = Manfred Weiss - B its a Russian W

Kaiser`s German Empire
DM = DWM, Germany

United Kingdom
E17 = Eley Brothers
E . 17 = Eley Brothers
G17 =Greenwood& Batley
G - 17 = Greenwood& Batley
КАИНОКЪ = Kynoch
КАИНОКЪ 17 = Kynoch
КАИНОКЪ - 17 = Kynoch
G . 17 . F .1 = British National Cartridge Factory
G. 17. F. 4 =British National Cartridge Factory
G . 18 F . 4 =British National Cartridge Factory
RΛL 17 = Royal Ordn. Fakt.

W =Winchester
REMINGTON = Remington
U . S . C . C O .=United States Cartridge Co.

They all produced for the Russian Empire

All HS from my collection