7.62 x 54R Board Dummy?

I have a 7.62 X 54R, Brass case, struck brass primer, cupro nickel round nose bullet. Rounded head. Headstamp is 'X 06". Aproximatly 1/8 inch hole midway on case. 2 punch marks on the neck to hold the bullet. The cartridge appears to have been glued to something at one time with the hole down so it would not be seen. Any confirmation on this being an early board dummy? Or just a factory dummy? Or a collector drilled round? Who made this round? The “X” is serifed and both the X and 06 appear to be filled with black lacquer while the rest of the head is plain brass.

Is it possible to send a picture with this round?

treshkin-No, I am sorry but I do not have any way to make a picture. But, except for the hole in the side and the remains of the glue where it had been attached to a board, it looks like any ordinary M1891 Ball round.

Municion.org claims that it is made in Austria by Hirtenberger Patrone, Zundh

Vlad et al - I am sure everyone can read it because it is so much like English and other Latin-based languages, but that portion following the name of the Hirtenberg factory in Vlad’s answer simply says “Contract with Russia during the Russian-Japanese War.”

Vlad - I am really hesitant to ask this, since I don’t speak Russian and you do, but doesn’t “X” in the Cyrillic alphabet equal the “HA” sound rather than the “CH” sound? That would make more sense, also, for representing the letter “H” in “Hirtenberg” in the Roman alphabet.

Or saying it simple, the Hirtenberg “H” transcribed is a Cyrillic “X”.

You are correct, of course, about “X” sound, it is just like in Bruja and Halloween.

The big problem with rendering Hirtenberger in Russian is that Russian lacks the ordinary H sound (or any letter that exactly represents it), replacing H with G (as in Gerbert Goover) or the KH sound. I believe the modern practice in Russian is to prefer the KH to the G. JG