7.62 X 54R Bulgarian Yellow tip

Just got these. Opened a pack and noted the yellowish tan tip. Anybody have a clue on that? H/S is 10 (12 o’clock) 55 (6 o’clock). Doesn’t appear to be any type of tracer element. Lead base is recessed approx. 1.5MM. It is magnetic(very).


Update: Thread title has been changed to correct country of origin

I’d say this is Bulgarian Type D (heavy ball) made by the State Factory, Kazanluk in 1955. The tip is generally ‘yellow’ and I’d suggest these have just discoloured a little.

  • @ slick rick: It is NOT Romanian made ammo!!! Jim is 100% right, the 7.62X54R ammo was made in Bulgaria at Kazanlak arsenal [code “10”] in 1955. The yellow bullet tip shows “long range heavy projectile”. Liviu 01/26/09

For the benefit of newcomers, here is an excellent example of the awesomeness of this forum. Within 20 minutes this sample was positively identified. And shortly thereafter, seconded.

Jim, Liviu

Would have gotten the remnants of the can, which had labeling, but was being used as the “tray”. Didn’t want to buy another 400 rds. just yet.

Any shooters out there have any history with these? Acquired a Moisin Nagant 91/30 with all the clatter for $115 at the same time. Flashed my CCP for the no-call rule. Is this a great country, or what? Will probably go back tomorrow for a shiny Nagant revolver. Bullets ain’t cheap, tho. Any direction to those webpage conversion links is appreciated.


Exactly. Thanks much.

slick rick. Congratulations on the 91/30. My guess is that you’ll love the rifle.
My 91/30 really likes the Bulgarian ‘D’. With the Bulgy brass cases though, I would inspect them all before shooting. In my experience, usually about one in thirty have neck cracks straight out of the can. Other than that, it seems to be reliable and functional ammunition. It cycles easy and I haven’t had any hangfires, or failures to fire out of it. You won’t win any competitions with it, but it is certainly good plinking ammo.
I’m sure that the darker tip color on that round is just from degradation of the paint. I have seen plenty of this ammo where the paint has completely disappeared, leaving only an orange stain on the bullet tip.


Some of the earlier lots (1948) have an almost clear but yellow tinted tip mark. 7.62x54r.net/MosinID/A0388.jpg

I believe it’s a 184 gr bullet? Ditto on ASCorleys advice about checking those necks. I even had a few where the bullet just fell out AND it kicks like a mule! I got a laugh out of the paper packaging with the string ties on it, I can just imagine what that production line looked like! But for the most part it’s great stuff, cheap and shoots well enough for me, just make sure of your back stop, this stuff will go through big trees like a drill bit (not good for the tree). Oh and as is usual it’s corrosive.

It’s 182 grain.

Still kicks like a mule even with out those 2 grains!