7.62 x 54R Finnish "Happy New Year" Headstamp


Please look on the thread pertaining to the FA Commemorative 7.62 tokarev Headstamp. I accidentally caused my picture of this interesting Finnish headstamp, and its explanation, to be posted there. I suppose there is no way to delete the posting and move it to here.


From John Moss:

It has been moved!!!

“Finnish Happy New Year” 7.62 x 54R

This 7.62 x 54R cartridge, with perhaps the headstamp using the most characters that I have ever seen, was given as a “Happy New Year” gift to the employees of the manufacturer, Suomen Ampumatarvetehdas (SAT), of Finland, in 1925. The headstamp evidently reads “Happy New Year.”

Although pictured in the fine book "Suomalaiset Sotilaspatruunat 1918-1945 (The Finnish Military Cartridges 1918-1945) by Mika Pitk


Is this a live round or dummy?


Falcon - I don’t know if it is a live round or not. I don’t read Finnish, but regardless, could not find any apparent mention of this round in the Finnish book other than the headstamp caption, which is in Finnish and English, and only mentions that it is a special headstamp and the purpose, as described in the title of this thread. I tried weighing various rounds from my dupes (I don’t collect this caliber) and found firstly, that the SAT New Year’s round weighs 412.9 grains. A VPT Finnish round weighed only 378.1, a Chinese round 357.6 and a Remington Brass-tipped sporting round 374.4. Obviously, these all have lighter bullets. A Syrian round weighed 414.4. The New Year’s round has the look of a loaded cartridge - nothing like a hole in the case, snapped primer, flutes, etc. to indicate a dummy. Further, it is at the heavy end of these rounds, so I assume that there is something in the case (it doesn’t rattle and you can’t feel powder shifting back and forth as you shake it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded). The problem is, it could be an inert powder substitute. I am not going to pull the bullet to investigate, either. I did that with a good 9mm from my collection for someone a week or so ago, and crushed the edge of the case trying to reseat the bullet - I will never do it again to a good round or any round from my collection. Thank goodness, I had a dupe of the 9mm round, which I didn’t know until after it happened, and I frantically searched my dupes. So, after all that long-winded explanation, the summary is that it weighs like a loaded round, but that is not coonclusive.


It kills me to hear that they werre once common. I have been looking for one of these for quite a while.


hENDERE - Personally, I am not convinced that they were ever common. I was told that when I first got mine years and years ago. Since I don’t collect this caliber (I do collect this kind of specialty headstamp), I was not in a position to argue that point. That’s why I hedged a bit in my initial posting. The fact is, I have never had my hands on another one, although I know of a couple of collections that have them; I have never seen one for sale; I have never seen the headstamp pictured except in the Finnish Book, and I think once before, but couldn’t remember or find the source in my library.


Since first seeing one of those in the late 1980s, I have only ever seen one other, and I have looked. I should have bought that first one, as I definitely couldn’t afford the second! If they ever were plentiful, it was before 1988.