7.62 x 54r HS

In checking my 7.62 x 54r references,I am unable to find any reference to this head stamp;
Ball- Cws. case ,unplated / washed projectile,HS. looks to be 511(At 12) 45 (At 6) ,and 3 at 9 Oclock.The 511 ? is typical of the Soviet WW 2 production,in that it is some what blured the rest is clear and readable.
Thanks for any help.

Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.

Possibly 541?

Can you post a picture with headstamp?

Or “544”?
Agree, an image would help.

Sorry am unable to post photo

Could it be a Russian letter “Ш” at 9 o’clock? Ш turned left looks like 3.

i dont think you could mistake the 544 headstamp for 511, the fours are very bold in the area that would differentiate them from the stick shape of a 1 on the 544 headstamps that i have. I also have come across a headstamp or two from wartime (say 41-45) soviet 7.62x54r that i could not find on the net and nobody had an answer for. The headstamps being so poorly struck helps add to some of the deep wartime Soviet x54r mystery.

A friend,ran the round thru a Fronesics lab 10 - 30 X scope ,and as per my friend it looks to be 511. I’m very familiar with the “Blured” Soviet Head stamps.The 3 is a 3 not the Shask E.
Wish I was in PA. at Johns show.