7.62 X 54R mm 1914 DUMMY


May be the first spitzer type ptd. bullet dummy in this cal.
BLACKENED BULLET & CASE/SHOULDER. Segmented crimp on bullet above case neck and,
heavy segmented crimp on case neck.
Blacking is not neatly done and, can be mistaken for dirt which some people remove thus ruining the identification !
Brass primer is factory indented.
headstamp is; 14 ( @ 12 o’clock ) and Cryillic P ( upside down square U ) @ 6 o’clock.
headstamp is raised ( Petersburg )
Have a few of these @ $ 25 each. Includes shipping to lower 48 only.
If interested, contact; morammo@optonline.net Thank you. M.D. Rea