7.62 x 54R query

I can find nothing on this headstamp, 3B 41 the round has a steel case GM bullet ( magnetic ) brass primer, 3 is a Russian factory ,is this a SUB factory of 3 or someone else? thanks Randy

Randy, your cartridge is Russian, made by the State Ammunition Factory in the town of Simbirsk in 1941.

The “3B” figure (and, of course, not thirty eight as it is usually misred by non-russian speaking people) comes from the cyrillic initial of a local bolshevik “hero” called Volodarski, in the 20ies.

So, it means “ZAVOD VOLODARSKI”, for Volodarski factory. The plant was founded in 1922

In 1941, the factory had changed its coding practice for a more classical one, i.e. number 3, so the 3B mark did not show up any more.

Shortly before, the city of Simbirsk had been re-named Ulyanovsk, as being the native town of a certain “Tovaritch” Ulyanov…also known as Lenine !!



Philippe, the full Russian name was “Zavod imia Volodarskogo”.

If you want to know more about Volodarskiy, click here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V._Volodarsky

It was Plant #3 (Zavod #3 Narkomata Vooruzheniya) in Ul’yanovsk City in 1941.
They started to build this plant during WWI in 1916 in Simbirsk City on Volga River. This plant got the memorial name of Volodarski in 1922 (Zavod imeni Volodarskogo). Simbirsk City was renamed to Ul’yznovsk City in 1924 after the death of Ul’yanov (Lenin) who was born in this city in 1870.
The plant got new name in 1927 - Plant #3.
Head stamps approximately time:
1918(?)-1924 - C (C=S (Simbirsk) in Russian)
1925-1927 - Y (closer to big “y”) (Y=U (Ul’yanovsk) in Russian)
1928-1941 -3B (3=Z (zavod), B=V (Volodarskogo) in Russian)
1942- 3 (#3)
Basically we meet 3B 41 head stamps, but I have a 20 mm ShVAK cartridge with 3 41 .

Thanks for the great info, I will have to print it out and study it some more, Randy