7.62 X 54R Question

Just acquired a few of these. Ball. Are these Russian(Soviet?), or Yugo or what? Sold as non-corrosive. Price was right for shootin’ purposes. Two lots in the box. Any info appreciated. Especially the priceless collector’s value of it.


It is Yugo made by Privi Partisan. I bought some a few years ago (lot nny 8101) and it works real fine in my M44 carbine, M91/30 Sniper and SVT-40. I wouldn’t bet on it being non-corrosive but I don’t really know if it is or not. I clean my guns as if I had been firing corrosive. The top box is from the 3rd lot of 1990 and should be headstamped nny 1990 but sometimes you will find headstamps from the year before the loading year in the boxes. The pictured round should have come from a box with the bottom label.
As far as collector value is concerned; there is quite a bit of this on the surplus market and might still be coming in from the former Yugoslavia, but as I said I find it to be excellant shooting ammo.

Thanks PB. Got an M44 and a TIGER SVD with this stuff’s name all over it. Just wanted to make sure before I launched any of it.


Not that it makes any difference, but I am a box and label freak. Are your boxes actually grey as they appear to be in your scans? Mine are tan.

Actually, two shades of tan. PM or email me if you want one of each.