7.62 X 54R steel tip Question


Howdy Folks, this 7.62 X 54R round has an Egyption headstamp, brass primer with 3 crimps and a purple/black primer and neck seal ,the copper FMJ has a small steel nose tip ,what is it ? thanks Randy


Is it steel, or is it simply magnetic, or is it steel-coloured/silver? If silver-coloured, it should be LPS ball (light ball), but LPS is a round made mainly for the SVD rifle, and I don’t recall Egypt fielding such an animal. Any pictures?


Are you sure it is an Egyptian headstamp? I am not familiar with the Egyptians using neck seals or having made the LPS type round with a silver tip color. The LPS was a general replacement for the “L” ball, not specificly designed for the SVD or anything else. In fact, it was mostly used in the PK series machineguns and others. How about a pic of the round and headstamp?



Can you post an overall and headstamp image?


Howdy, Egyption was my first guess as to headstamp, looking at Hoggs and W & M’s books it could also be Syrian ,the tip attracts a magnet and has a plain steel look to it ,it is also very small ,smaller than a standard pin head and part of the bullet jacket comes up to the head of the tip ,sorry I am unable to provide a picture at this time Randy