7.62 x39 Chinese Tin ID

Can anyone tell me if I have anything special here? I haven’t found any guidance that I can rely on, it’s not like deciphering a box of WW2 7,9 ammo… obviously I know it’s Type 56 but anything after that I have no clue. Thanks all, I have learned a ton since joining!! V/r Henry

image image image

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Tin #1: I never saw a Chinese tin with Cyrillic markings for the propellant imported from the USSR!

Any chance you could peel off the price tags and take a new shot of that one for us?

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Sorry about the price tags!! Here you go…

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From an amateur point of view, the first two look like ordinary PS (Russian) or WO101/WO102 (Chinese) to me. The Russian WUFL propellant identification surprises me as much as EOD.

Henry, thanks!
This tin is just so interesting that it is really great to have it documented in the best possible way.
When we are looking at the production date of 1957 and consider the Type 56 being adopted in 1956 the Chinese maybe did not have the capacity yet or factory setup was late/delayed that the USSR helped out for a short period of time.

Oh wow I should have noticed that! Good eye EOD.

I believe I found a specimen of what’s inside, based on the HS. It’s been in a box of odds and ends for over 20 years

image image