7.62 X51 ID again


1 = HF 7.62 FMJ [not H&F ] who made it

2 = 0 79 0 308 W FMJ, red primer annalus who made it

3 = RA 66 nato symbol FMJ [ British but what does the mauve or pinkish primer annalus and remants of orange colour on tip signify]

4 OFV 82 M80 7.62 who made it

5 = FNM 80 - 66 nato symbol 2 knurled cannalures on projectile , remants of red on tip "a lot of red " magnet sesitive projectile, is it trace or AP.

6 = brass long nose crimped M.G. BLANK for 7.62x 51 RA [BRITISH]
but why the GREEN tip [is it just weather sealing.

  1. 7.62mm Ball made by Chartered Industries, Singapore in 1986. The ‘HF’ being a date code - I’m certain that the H = 8 and I think the F = 6 although it is quite possible that the letter E was never used in which case your code would be for 1985. I’m sure someone will put us straight on this but it is definitely Chartered Industries!

  2. Pass.

  3. 7.62mm M62 Tracer made in the US by Remington. The unusually coloured primer annulus has no signifigance.

  4. 7.62mm Ball M80 made on UK contract by Ordnance Factory, Verangoan, Bhusawal, India.

  5. 7.62mm Cartoucho con bala Trazadora M.963 (tracer) made by Fabrica Nacional de Municoes de Armas Ligeiras, Portugal.

  6. Pass. Sounds like a UK blank but your headstamp details make no sense to me. Can you clarify exactly what is on the headstamp please?



HF Date Code 86 ( number position of letters of alphabet) of Chartered Industries Singapore (Name has since Changed).

o 79 o 308W Sellier & Bellot, post 1970s export 7,62 FMJ ammo, corrosive, berdan primed. very common with 1980s dates in Australia ( 1978 and 79 were usually marked “ZV” (Zbrojovka Vlasim" ( Asrenal Vlasim, which is "S&B, Vlashim, Czechoslovakia ( now Czech Republic).

RA 66 Special Contract Remington Arms 7,62 tracer for ADI…Footscray never managed to make succesful tracer ammo. Colour of seals has no significance, tip colour Orange signifies Type of tracer.

OFV 82 M80 7,62 Ordnance Factory Varangoan, India, set up by Olin (Winchester) for Indian Gi\ove.
Green tip and red tip are common weather seals for Long star Blanksrnment. Cartridge reflects US M80 Loading
(148 grain projectile)

FNM 80-66 Nato : FNM Portugal, lot 66, 1980, mostly nato contract ammo for Germany ( lot of it surplussed in 1996 etc, under the “15 year rule”. Red tip, with double cannalure, Tracer

LOong blank, L10A1 type, If marked "RA probably Raufoss Arsenal, Norway< on contract for Radway Green, the British suppliers to the british Army ( and Australia from time to time.)

Green tips and Red/purplish tips are common lacquer seals for Long star crimp blanks ( I have both colours in RG 66 and RG 64 L10A1 Blanks, which we use in quantity for Movies.

Obviously you are a newbie to 7,62 collecting. Welcome to this board.

Regards, Doc AV
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I do not generally collect 7.62x 51 or 30-06 but have a hundred or so different 308’s and probably 50 of 30-06, and while re-cataloguing I am trying to fill in the missing bits. no time now but I have some odd ones from ADI and AFF to find out about.
Thanks for the help so far. Terry.