7.62 x51 id


I think the headstamp in from Israel, looks like a ditorted K and some sort of n then 75 , red ring on primer, black projectile tip, 2 heavily knurled rings on projectile, magnet sensitive projectile.
Thought it to be A. P. but is it?


The Hebrew letters, as you list them, are Tzadik and Taf, which equate to Z and T. It is an Israeli AP round.


Here’s a chart of the Hebrew alphabet.


The headstamp stands for Israeli Military Industries, Tel aviv Arsenal.


Thanks, Ron and Thank you SDC for the Hebrew Alphabet it will be most usefull.


Uh…you’re welcome ;)
The ammunition factory is actually not in Tel Aviv, but Nazaret Alit (Upper Nazareth).


Jon C–Thanks for the correction. I was just going by what I found in Hogg.


Almost all IMI (IWI) production is in TA, except for the ammo.