7.62mm AP PPI


I have a French 7.62 x 51mm Armour Piercing cartridge which according to Conjays catalogue is a 7.62mm AP PPI. Does anybody know what the ‘PPI’ stands for please. Headstamp is SF 83 with a NATO symbol. Curiously the round is longer than the usual 7.62mm with an overall length of 74mm. The bullet is in two parts with a sabot type jacket of copper leaving a solid exposed core of tungsten, hardened steel or something similar.


PPI means "Projectile


Jim, I have the same cartridge, I understand that this was one of the early’st experiments. It is the only one I have (of 20 different or so) wich exceed the normal lengt. lots of different in ogive, sabots and surface coat.
In the photo of maverick you can see the for example that the last two have a total different ogive. The last one is made by de firm "Anth


ANTHENA was founded in the locality of Trappes(Yvelines), from former SFM assets, mostly to continue the production of special projectiles based on the PPI patent. They went forward in producing new prototypes, and obtained several contracts with the French amy and foreign customers.
Anyway, they never mloaded themselves ammunition, only made bullets. The 7,62x51 were loaded at MEN (Germany), a company which has just be bought by the Brasilian CBC! and .50 Bwg were made from diverse components, old SFM primed cases still available, then FN or Israeli cases;
ANTHENA stopped its ammunition activities on Jan. 7, 2007, when his shareholders decided that the companies activities were not giving enough results. Twenty five people found themselves out of work. Such is the life to-day in the Ammunition business…

To-day, France does not manufacture any military rounds for small arms an- everything hbas to be imported, at it is cheaper. this way… It is useles to ask questions about how it could be in case of local or general conflagration!

By the way, do you know from where French Army’s next 5,56x45 ammo will come? ( IVI from Canada was the provider since 1999)
Do not laugh, the contract 35 millions ball rounds for the next 3 years) has just be signed with…ADCOM, from…Abu Dhabi!!!

Further commentary will not be not pertinent, but an interesting hstp is to come, maybe, for collectors!



Very interresting info, thanks, Jan