7.62mm International Match cartons

Another request for help. I’m looking for cartons, or photos of cartons, of the following 7.62mm International Match.

T275E3 - Any carton so labeled

T275E4 Lot FA 5. Or, any carton labeled as Lot FA 5

Any carton labeld as Lot FA X7.62

Also, any 7.62mm cartridge headstamped FA 57 MATCH



Uh…I hope I’m not ruining your day, Ray, but I recently shot up a handful of .30-06 rounds with the FA 57 MATCH headstamp. I still have the fired cases, but I don’t think I have any more loaded rounds.

Thanks Jon, but I’m looking for 7.62mm International cartridges.


It’s 7.62x63!

Here is a T275E4 Lot FA5. Cartridge is headstamped FA 58 MATCH. The primer seal is orange-red in natural light and quite different from the typical FA red seal. OAL is 2.85".

Interestingly, the four color label is pasted over a simple red on white label also marked FA5.

I’ve not seen examples of the other boxes or headstamp you’re asking about.