7.62mm match m852 special lot c

A carton of M852 SPECIAL LOT C, headstamp LC 87 MATCH, and the Ammunition Box it came in.

There was, no doubt, a Special Lot A and Special Lot B, although I have never seen either. And maybe a Special Lot D ?

Special Lot C is probably a pre-production lot made for ballistic testing, QC, or some other “special” purpose. The carton is not sealed which would indicate the tests would have been conducted in house at LC. The cartridges appear to be standard in every way except they are loaded with a spherical powder. That is unusual for M852 which was always loaded with IMR.

The only other M852 that I have seen with an LC 87 MATCH headstamp are from cartons with 1988 lot numbers. That doesn’t mean much since I have not seen every carton manufactured. It may or may not be a coincidence.

Anyone having LC 87 MATCH cartridges with a 1987 lot number, please let me know.


BTW, FWIW, every carton of Special Lot C that I have seen has the touched-up “PE” in the SPECIAL LOT C hand stamp. Either a faulty rubber stamp or a faulty rubber stamper. ;-) ;-)