7.62mm MATCH Odd Headstamp

I was sorting some loose cartridges that I recently bought when I came across one with an odd headstamp. It appears to be upside-down.

On the left is the odd one. The two on the right have normal headstamps.

Anyone else ever seen one of these?


Nice April Fools…Cheers, Bruce.

This isn’t april fools.

Ray, the issue here is that you seem to have two cartridges featuring upside-down headstamps.
I would like to buy one for $500. I have ever once seen one like it, but it slipped my hand- next time I saw it, the headstamp was the right way again…

That is a good offer but I don’t want to sell it. If I find another one I will let you know.


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like the primer is also upside down. If so, it would be even more rare!