7.62mm NATO ID

I do not have this round in front of me but I was asked the manufacturer and could not answer.

7.62mm NATO, made into a “bullet pencil”, headstamp EN-70-11 around the 6 o’clock position in the continental style of date and lot number.


headstamp EN-70-11

possibly EN= Maschinenfabrik Elisenh

Many thanks.


That cartridge is from MEN, of Nassau, Germany, as Gyrojet said. There are other known cases of them dropping the “M” from their normal “MEN” headstamp designator. Don’t know why they did it, however. Possibly for experimental or development ammunition. They may have sold off unused brass later, and that’s how it ended up with a souvenir manufacturer. Just conjecture on my part, of course.

“MEN” and here “EN” stands for "Metallwerk Elisenh