7.62mm nato m118 match

The U.S. Ordnance Technical Committee (OTCM) got it’s money’s worth when it decided to designate the proposed 7.62mm NATO Match cartridge as the M118. Since that time in early 1960, no less than three different cartridges with the M118 moniker have been adopted, two now discontinued, but one still going strong. In all, six different basic headstamps have been used, not counting the differences for year of production and FA and LC designations.

The first M118 MATCH cartridges were manufactured by Frankford Arsenal in early 1961 and had the FA 61 MATCH headstamp. In 1962, an experimental lot numbering system and switch in funding sources resulted in the second known headstamp, FA (+) 62. The headstamp reverted back to the traditional style in 1963. From 1964 until 1967, Lake City AAP used the LC NM headstamp on selected lots, indicating ammunition loaded specifically for the National Matches at Camp Perry.

In 1982 the M118 MATCH was discontinued, replaced with the M852 MATCH. In 1982, manufacture of M118 SB (Special Ball) began. A high-accuracy tactical round, the M118 SB is found with two different type headstamps, seen in the 4th and 5th photos below. M118 SB was discontinued in 1993.

Finally, in 1995, a new combination tactical/sniper/competition cartridge was adopted. Designated the M118 LR (Long Range), it is still loaded by Lake City today.

Headstamp photos are courtesy Chip Orr, from his outstanding site cartrology.com/


Thanks for the post Ray! I’ve always been confused about the evolution and proper designations of the various 7.62mm NATO match rounds. This clears things up considerably.