7.62mm nato match m118 ammunition box

Another Match Ammunition Box.

This is the first “Camp Perry” M118. 1966, Lot LC 12065.


Interesting, Ray. I’ll see your can and raise you one…

Not Match, but XM anyway…


Nice stenciling job with all the match ammo cans :-)!

Seriously, these have got to be pretty scarce.

Makes for a great collecting subcategory.

Thanks for sharing them with us!

If you or other forum members have others please post them, I for one would enjoy seeing them.


PS- 50m2hb, your ammo cans showed up while I was posting. Great items!


Nice! Your XM118 Box is especially interesting because the lot number, LC 12005, should have been a 1963 lot rather than 1964. Both LC and FA sometimes packaged cartons and clips with headstamps and lot numbers out of sync.


Most Ammunition Boxes had stamped information, rather than stenciled. The T275 International Match Box that I showed earlier is an exception.



Well I can’t even get a bad joke correct.

I stand corrected, thanks!!!


Here’s the only other 7.62 Match can photo I have. Pretty common though.

I’ve got some more 7.62 Can photos, but will put them in a separate post so as not to contaminate Ray’s original one.


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