7.62mm NATO Steel Case Designation


These two steel case 7.62mm NATO items share the same “(+) LC 56” headstamp. I have them listed as M59 Ball (Steel Case) and M61 AP (Steel Case).

Do I have these ID’d right or did they receive other designations?

Dave E.


That’s what I have mine identified as, but I don’t know if those are the correct “Official” designations or not. My ball round has a red annulus, not that that’s important or anything.


Thanks, Phil.

Both my ball and AP (shown) have purple annular seal. Interesting that there was also red used…Makes one wonder just what volume these were made in and/or if there was anything indicated by the color.

Dave E.


The pre-NATO steel case was designated the FAT1E4 but they rare. After standardization they were designated the same as the Ball and AP rounds, AFAIK. I have both LC 55 (+) and LC 56 (+).