7.62mm Pen Bullet

I seem to remember this being on the Forum recently, but now I can’t find it. Can someone refresh my memory, please.

No headstamp. Dark brown plastic case. Brass head. Green pen-bullet.



As far as I know, they were a giveaway item made in Germany. There is, as I recall, a German-headstamped blank of pretty normal designed with the same case, but with the case extended into a mock bullet as well - that is, one the same more or less OD color this pen. For some reason, I seem to recall that the pens are association with Heckler and Koch - maybe I got mine from the rep or something. I just don’t know. Maybe someone else has better information. I collect this stuff, but do absolutely ZERO research on it. I started collecting things like that when I worked in the industry because they were cartridge-related and I got them free. As good a reason as any for accumulating stuff, I guess.

The example I have supposedly came from MEN. However, it is quite possible that they were handed out by several German ammunition manufacturers/suppliers.


Thanks John and Dave.