7.62mm Pre NATO

7.62x51 on the left for comparison. Middle round is 7.62x49 and on the right is 7.62x47 they are both have graphited aluminium cases.
What is the official designation of these 2 rds ? I have them both listed as pre 7.62 NATO experimental.


I have both of those cartridges also.

Here’s all that I know about them, which isn’t much.

The 47mm case is the T65 and the aluminum version was made under contract by Remington during 1945-47 and is designated the T5.

(BTW, your cartridge is loaded to a shorter OAL than mine. It appears to have the standard M2 bullet seated to the cannalure whereas mine is seated with the cannalure showing, as is found on most of the T65 cartridges)

The 49mm is the T1E1 and Remington made an aluminum version in 1949 and 1950. I have not seen a designation for this case although Bill Woodin or Frank Hackley would probably know.

The 51mm case, the T1E3, was also made in an aluminum version by Remington in 1950. Again, I have not seen an official designation for this case. Mine is headstamped RA 50 and is loaded with an AP bullet. It also has a steel cup reinforcement around the primer.

I believe that more information is in HWS III. Let me know when you get your copy. ;) ;)

Please post anything else that you may find about these cases since I’d like to update my catalog. In particular I’d like to learn the designation for the loaded cartridge, as compared with the designation for the case itself.


Thanks Ray.