7.62mm ShKAS tracer?

The early production of the Russian ShKAS cartridge (lacking the cyrillic letter that looks like an E turned on its side) can be distinguished from the standard production if you know the weight of the bullet. I have two Tula-produced 7.62x54R tracer cartridges produced in 1936 and 1937, headstamped T over 36 and T over 37. Both have red primers with annular crimping; CWS steel cases of course. I don’t know what the mid-1930s Russian tracer bullet should weigh, but these two loaded rounds weigh 348 and 351 grains–metrically speaking 22.6 and 22.8 grams. Do these weights suggest ShKAS or standard loadings? JG

Ringed in and red colored primer should be for synchronized ShKAS guns.

Your cartridges T 36 and T 37 with red primers and annular crimping are typical early Schkas cartridges.

As we speak about tracer bullet T-46 (clour markonig -green tip of the bullet), the weight of this bullet mast be 9,3-9,8 grams and weight of the cartridge 21,7-23,0 grams. This bullet (T-46) was the same as army 7,62x54R cartridge and Schkass.

To EOD and Treshkin: Thanks for the information on these–it’s much appreciated. JG