7.62mm standard round from the U.K


In the excelent list of mr. Miles’ collection I read about a Ball standard round L2A2 with the headstsamp RG 75 (nato sign) L5A3.

I have the same round in my own collection but I always thought it was a ball round made of a rejected case for a L5A3 tracer round.

Who can give more information? my round has a purple primer ring, is there also one with a yellow primer ring? (code for ballistic standard) Or are there any other markings? Or is the headstamp unique for this standard round?

thanks in advance,



Do you have firm evidence that this is a Ballistic Standard round if it has a purple annulus?

Also, where is Mr.Miles list to have a look at? (or is it on here and I am blind?)



Jim’s List mytempdir.com/1185349


The list is in Microsoft Works (the ultimate oxymoron!) format and will not, for me at least, display properly with the version of Word I have.

Any chance someone could convert it to a .doc / .wpd / .txt file and send it to me via the eMail icon?




I converted the file to the format Word 2002 (XP).
I can send it to you by E-Mail if you want