7.62mm T275E2 International Match

I recently acquired this T275E2 International Match (Lot FA-3) box.

The E2, NO 34 and VEL 2600 APPROX are all hand written but are very crisp with no ink bleeding. In addition the shade and density of the ink looks almost identical to the rest of the label. I’ve taken a very close look at the box and cannot see any evidence of damage to the label so I think the box is original. This makes me wonder if the hand written text was added to a master label prior to the print run. To prove/disprove this, I need to see additional T275E2 Lot FA-3 boxes. Can anyone help?

It would also be useful to see labels from Lots, FA-1, FA-2 and FA-4. For the last lot, I have only seen single color boxes stamped practice - the use of single color rather than multi-color printing being for cost savings. The meaning of the “practice” stamp has been discussed previously, but has anyone seen a four color box from Lot FA-4?

Information on the cartridges associated with each lot would also be appreciated. Cartridges from two boxes shown above are headstamped (+) FA 56, have flat brass primers with black seals and have an overall length of 2.94 and 2.93"" for lots FA-3 and FA-4 respectively.


Dave, in my early years I worked in an offset printing shop for some time. I think it is clear from the photograph that the handwriting was applied to what you call master label from which the offset printing (metal) foil was etched by a photographic process. (Alas I do not know the correct English words for Druckform etc.) This results in the handwriting being in the same color with absolutely no bleeding: it actually is printed like the rest of the label.


I believe that JPeelen’s conclusion regarding that Lot 3 label is probably correct. It would be a departure from the usual method of printing carton labels, something that I’ve never seen on any others.

The T275 International carton labels could be a collecting specialty on their own. I’ve identified no less than 10 different labels, and that’s without really putting a lot of effort into it. That’s even more than the 9 different labels that were used by Frankford Arsenal for the Cal .30 (30-06) T291 and M72 during the 5 years of its production.


The upper label the T275E2 I have as lot FA-3 & it looks exactly the same as Dave’s however it has nothing after “SUB LOT”. The back label is plain with with a blue border. Perhaps it missed getting a four color over label?

A T275E2, Lot FA 4 with the front and back matching Dave’s.

Here is an example of Lot FA-2, Sub Lot K (which is partially obscured by dirt. I have an identical box that is nice and clean, but no photos handy.

Note that the “VEL. 2440” is neatly stamped, but at a slight angle and in a violet colored ink, and on teh clean boxes, the “K” [Sub Lot] is in a black ink, not the blue used for most of the label.

It looks like the label on this box is pasted over an earlier label.

These came from the Berk Lewis collection.