7.62mm x 51 SLAP

I have 2 SLAP rounds which differ in the sabot shape and bullet seating depth.
Headstamps are WCC 8 SLAP 5 and WCC 8 SLAP 8

Do these 2 variations have different designations and are there any other variations ?


I believe there are 4 variations on this - you have 3 and 4 (four having a more gentle angle on the sabot, if this is too steep the cartridge jammed the weapon by hanging up on the feed ramp).I have another with the steep angle on the sabot but appears to have a FMJ 5.56 bullet in it. THe sabot looks the same, also a honey coloured plastic. If I could work out how to post pictures here I would, I will email you one. Headstamp on this one is WCC SLAP at 12 and 6 0’clock.

I believe you Model 3 the projectile has pulled out of the sabot, it should be seated lower…


This is my first attempt at posting a picture, lets see how it works

url://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll74/ … /slaps.jpg
i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll74 … /slaps.jpg

I see this still does not work so I will email you the picture instead.

There are also a series of South African cartridges which use the saboted principle. They were developed for a different reason:
Where “compete penetration” is defined as penetrating a human body completely at the softest point (the abdomen), the 7.62 ball cartridge will completely penetrate under all situations to a distance of 800m. Due to the excessive penetrating properties of this cartridge considerable efforts were made to reduce the penetrative ability but still maintain the wounding capacity of the round. Due to the excessive penetrative ability of the 7.62 ball cartridge (complete penetration of a human body at the softest point, the abdomen) up to 800m some effort was expended to reduce the penetrative effect yet maintain the wounding capacity of the round. It was found that the 5.56mm round did not penetrate completely all the time at less than 10m (about 50% of the time), to it was proposed that a small caliber bullet be used in the cartridge. This resulted in the saboted bullets, known for ease of definition as the “accelerator” bullets (from the famous Remington loads that use a similar saboting technique). At least 3 different types of bullet were tested, a soft jacketed bullet, a lead bullet and a “ball” bullet differing from the 5.56 bullet in that is had a flat tip. In the trials tests were carried out in soap, 330mm being about equivalent to a human bodies softest part. During the trials it was found that penetration in soap at 10m was about 165mm but the accuracy was not acceptable and they were not adopted.

Thanks for the information Will, much appreciated.

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve put your photo in this post.


Photo by Will.

I think the round pictured left with the 5.56mm bullet may be an XM959 tracer load. Why they didn’t leave the red tip on the bullet I have no idea!

As Jim mentioned, the left one, looks like a 5.56 bullet in a sabot, is the XM959 SLAP-T, which is essentially a 5.56 tracer bullet in the sabot. The original SLAP, XM948, having a penetrator too small to have a tracer cavity. While both sabots are golden, the differences in the penetrator shape & sabot style are the only identifying features, as opposed to a tip coloration. Can’t speak to the pre-production variants though. That’s news to me. But I have a white sabot variant.