7.62mm x 54mm Blank

Is this blank of Romanian or Hungarian origin? Is it a blank or a grenade cartridge?

This is Hungarian, by Bakony Muvuk, Veszprem. Polish 21 codes the date is opposite orientation.

Thank you Curtis.

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Yes, this is the case manufacturer, but the question is who made the cartridge and what type it is.

This one here could well be a GDR made tool cartridge for their rail puncher.


YES; this IS a east german tool blank, under use of hungarian cases. I have the exactly same headstamp (out of the box) and also with a green tip… They exist with green, yellow, blue and black tip, depending on the force they deliver.
I have at home the whole documentation on that issue (about 45 pages)…but not on the computer here in Romania…

I show for example the box from the yellow tipped ones:

and here the green tipped Toolblank (headstamp the same as shown from Jim:

Here the yellow one from the box above: (made from an older Shvak-Case by factory 23 in Hungary and later than modified by GDR)



I think some readers may wonder: SWL is Spreewerk Lübben, using code 05 on its own headstamps.

What is “rail puncher”?

Vlad, the GDR used a power tool made of a M1891 Mosin Nagant action to punch the holes into the ends of rails where the connectors are attached to.

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rail puncher use blank cartridge 7,62х54R. that why all these blank cartridges has two way of usage.
some photos of rail puncher attached


Cool !!! Thanks. Did not know about rail puncher. Any other civilian applications of 7.62x54R?

The Russian PR-2B tool do not use regular 7.62x54R blanks but special 7.62 mm blank cartridges with a shortened case measuring between 17 and 25 mm.

Tool PO-2 (on photo 1 and right side on photo 2) use blank cartridges 7.62x54R.
Cartridges made with shorter shells of 7,62x54R use for many others tools in USSR. For example, SMP-1, SMP-3м, P-1, PR-1, PR-2, PD-3 e.t.c.



Vlad, why civilian? This is mainly military and “governmental”.

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Ivan, you confused the devices?
Do you mean photo #1 and #2 LEFT side? These are optically the colsest while all 3 devices shown appear to be different.

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Ivan, you are confusing the names of those tools. The one on the second picture on the left is a PB-3B, and the one on the right is a PR-2B.



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Yes. My mistake.Thanks.


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Wow. Thanks. First time see these. What is the name of the book?

This is the instruction manual from the Soviet powder gun.
And the instruction for the production of construction works.

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