7.62mm x 54mm Russian blank

The headstamp on this cartridge is not clear but with a definite ‘09’ at 12 o’clock I’m inclined to think it was made in the very early 1900’s by Petersburg. I suspect it started out as a ball round and has since been reloaded - but any suggestions as to who might have loaded it with this red roundnose wooden bullet?

This looks much like typical Finnish home guard.

Thanks Alex…again!

please specification, what does “home guard” mean? Home made or fabrik for home guard ?

The Finnish home guard was loading these themselfes in their workshops I was told from my Finnish contact.

thank you EOD.
This is interesting information for me.
I am currently preparing for publication a guide for collectors of cartridges - “Color marking of cartridges” for collectors in the Czech Republic.
for Jim: please can I use your photo to use our society (SPSN Czech Republic)?

Luger, as for the color of the wooden bullet of the home guard I have to say that it has little to no significance.
The blue ones were military issue and are standard still today.

I think this can help identify the round at the stock exchange. Especially for beginner collectors (for me :)).

Can you zoom at a symbol at 6 o’clock? It looks like a “T” to me.

Luger, yes, feel free to use the photo as you wish.
Vlad, I’ve had a look with a magnifying glass and I’m pretty sure the symbol is ‘III’.

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thank you
was there any other color marking for the blank? other than blue. In Bulgaria, wooden bullets were marked with deep red

I acquired this blank along with the same batch of cartridges…most of which were of Finnish origin. Its a Russian case headstamped ‘60 45’ but the bullet looks very much like a German 7.9mm Platzpatrone to me. A Finnish reload perhaps?