7.62mm XM256E1 Low Recoil

I bought this box of 7.62mm Low Recoil ammunition at a gunshow several years ago. I can’t recall exactly what I paid for it.
Can anyone tell me more about it? Are these boxes hard to find? I am considering selling some things in my collection and would like to get a better idea as to value/scarcity.

Most of my collection is loose rounds, not boxed ammunition, so this doesn’t fit into it all that well.



The XM256E1 is nothing more than the M198 Duplex cartridge loaded with only the front bullet. It is a 90 grain, flat base, steel bullet, copper plated, with a white tip. There are several variations of the cartridge.

They are not especially hard to find, even the full cartons. value is whatever a willing buyer will pay.

3rd from left is a sectioned XM256.


Thanks RayMeketa

I thought I’d heard about it being related to the green tipped Duplex. Nice to see a cutaway of it.
When I purchased the box, I had never seen them before, and haven’t seen them since, so I was curious.
Cartridge collecting has fallen really low on my priority list these last few years, so I am a bit out of touch.


What is the “FAP” manufacturer code here? Is the “P” a certain FA plant or does it have a different significance?

The “P” indicates a pilot, prototype, or pre-production lot. I think that’s now been replaced with “A” for “First Article” lot. But, they change lot numbers so often that you need a score card to keep track.


An earlier thread on this topic: viewtopic.php?p=53230

Hey, I now remember that old thread. A lot of water has gone under the bridge in the 4+ years since then. I’ve picked up a lot more of the cartridges, and full cartons too. It apparantly was more common than I originally thought.


Ray, thanks a lot for the “P” info!