7.62x25 "aym 52" headstamp

On Czech 7.62x25 cartridges with a steel case, and a GMCS bullet jacket, does anyone know what sort of bullet core should I expect on cartridges like this with a headstamp of “aym 52”? Were those all steel core, or some lead core & some steel core? Thanks

I’ve never really done a study of Czech core/headstamp correlation, but It might be interesting. If you start a list I’ll see what I can do to contribute.

A good idea then, I will check everything that I have, and if I decide to purchase some of the above mentioned cartridges, I’ll check those cores also. Another category I have been wondering on was corrosive vs non-corrosive. So far I have been assuming that basically everything that is pre 1980 is corrosive? And possibly some surplus stuff from the 1980’s is also? I always assume that the commercial S&B and Prvi stuff is non-corrosive going back into the 1990’s and up to today, and that all Chinese, Russian, and Eastern Euro stuff is corrosive from before the “commercial era” of 7.62x25 ammo. Is the New Generation ammo (in those red plastic boxes) from South Africa corrosive?

New Generation just boxed up Tokarev ammo captured by RSA forces, all of it corrosive.

Funny, just bought some this weekend in GA. Do sections on all my ammo. 7.62x25 “aym 52” headstamp with brass case. Boxs marked “VAD”, and have nickel steel jackets on projectile, and steel core in side. Paid $10 a box, got 4. Wolf

Wolfgang, is the steel core cylindrical or mushroom shaped?

It be cylindrical, although never seen a mushroom shaped one to compare. Will try to post picture tonight, new here and haven’t tried anything crazy like that yet. wolfgang

Posted pics on Gun Boards in the Cart. Collectors section on the bottom of page. Was faster to post there. Also listed head stamp as 53, really its a 52. Just not having a good computer day! wolf

You have to be a member at gunboards to see those photos, but any kind of steel core works for me - thanks for the info