7,62x25 bullet ID


Below are three different types of bullets recovered from an army shooting range in Romania, back in the mid 1990’s.

The one to the right is a normal 7,62x25 (TT pistol) bullet, with copper plated steel jacket.
The one in the middle is the same thing, but with a copper jacket (probably older, 1950’s production).
Both have the typical three point “stab” crimp, also found on all the cases I retrieved in the same place (1950’s, 60’s and 80’s headstamps, Romanian made)

The one on the left is also with a copper jacket and lead core, but looks different, it has a circular crimp, the lead is flat and smooth in the back, plus the rifling grooves are deeper and wider.
Any idea why is this difference? Who built such Tokarev cartridges with a crimp? Could it be Czech production from the 1950’s?
Romania did acquire some Sa24 and Sa26 SMGs at that time, they were still in use with the “Patriotic Guards” in the 70’s and 80’s, maybe some ammo came with them too?


Not sure why I can’t see your pics, but the bullet is most-likely Czech.


Here a link to a different image host: