7.62x25 headstamp?

Does anyone know what the info behind a 7.62x25mm headstamp such as “7.62 SBP and 2 flaming bombs” would be? It’s on a brass case. Is this S&B manufacture?


I think that it is a S & B headstamp.I have a 7,62 tokarev with this hds "S&B (bomb) 7,62 x 25 (bomb) and a red laquered primer

Yes,it is a sellier & bellot headstamp.The P letter means “Praga” (I don’t know what’s praga in english praha?prague?)

I have a 9,3 x 62 round with the same hds

I have seen “SBP 7.63”, and “S&B 7.62x25”. Can you please confirm your headstamp?

Yes, please confirm that headstamp. I have not seen any 7.62 tokarev with SBP headstamp. It was not a Czech COMMERCIALl cartridge, that I know of,when they were using that headstamp. All of the Czech ammo then was military and coded.

Regarding the “bombs” on the headstamp, these marks do not represent the old “flaming bomb” ordnance mark used by so many countries. It is the mark indicating a Neroxin primer (non-corrosive) and represnets an arrow pointing at the clean bore of a gun barrel. This information is directly from Sellier & Bellot. In recent years, the position and orientation of the mark is also used as a date code.

Sure, I have been told that it reads: “SBP -bomb- 7.62 -bomb-”

I’m receiving it in the mail soon, and I’ll post a pic of the headstamp.

I suspect the headstamp will prove out to be "