7,62x25 PL h/s


I’m looking for a confirmation of h/s from drawing in real cases.

First row typical lot No., / anyway they must exist.

Next lot no. 13, 14, 18 - 23 - three symbol system - parallel to 4 symbol system.

And steel tombac plated i never seen in this years 74, 76, 78.



21%2078 21%2074 21%2076

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Hi all

Curtiss, I think these three HS are on 7.62x39, not on 7.62x25.



I agree with Rufus, those are 7.62x39 headstamps.

I have 21 53 18 in my collection, and I have a report of 21 33 12 50. I have never gotten any report or info on any of the others.

21 53 18 I have too, others not

21 33 12 50 - thanks.

21 53 18 - my mistake . I seen, probably last lot in 3x system. 19+ i not seen.

This headstamp might have been in the Artur Bartos collection. My first list was a mix of the collections of myself, Russ Cornell, Leszek Erenfeicht, and Artur Bartos. I now have Leszek’s and Russ’s collections, but not this round, so…

Sorry I was not sure as had them only labelled as 7.62…