7.62x25 Steel Core & Steel Jacket


7.62x25 steel core and jacket, headstamp 53/aym, Povaska Bystrica, Czech
7.62x25 copper washed steel jacket, headstamp 33/53 343 in circle, Silesia, Poland
The official Soviet pistol cartridge adopted for the tokarev TT-30 + TT-33 automatic pistols
Berdan primed with corrisive primers


Your 33/53 headstamp sounds more like a Polish headstamp than Czech. Can you confirm that? You will also find mushroom shaped Czech steel cores.


Could be wrong, just not educated enough to know the difference. Got three boxes of the copper washed steel jackets with headstamps; 33/52, 33/53, 33/54. Got the Czech idea from the “headstamp guide” at the IAA. If it is Polish, please inform me, so I can change it in the collection. Thanks jonnyc


Is it 33 or 22? Can you post a pic of the headstamp?


It is my understanding that the “33” on the headstamp refers to the amount of metals other than copper in the brass formula, the reversal of the old “67” used on some German and Polish headstamps to show that the brass was 67% copper. Is that correct? The headstamps are certainly Polish, by the way. The Czech’s never used that indicator on a 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev to my knowledge.

John Moss


What else is on the h/s besides the 33/53, etc?


wolfganggross–You are posting some really great sectioned cartridges. I have been saving all the images to a separate file for reference. Just a suggestion, but, at least in my opinion, the overall looks of the sectioned roundsa would be improved with some of the powder replaced. Just mix some of the powder with little Elmer’s White Glue.


Would you believe that this is the only round without pics of headstamp, will post soon. Need to take others aswell. Jonnyc, good call on the now Polish 7.62x25. With 20x stereoscope could see 343 in circle about 2 micron big. Thats some strange stuff. Hate to be the one to carve the die for the headstamp. This is why I’m glad everyone in being nice and helping me with this. Just don’t know enough! Thanks everyone.
Mr Merchant thanks for saving these, thats why they are out there. Maybe this will save someone from trying this themselves and getting hurt. Got them saved myself, doesn’t mean anything. Virus, lightening, end of world 2012, EMP, etc… Like the Elmers glue trick, will give it a try. The reason why no powder before, tried mixing West System two part epoxy with powder to get same effect. Don’t know if it was mixed too hot, or reacted with powder, but poofff!!! Lucky it was a test on back porch.


Yust my 2cents about displaying the powder in a sectioned cartridge:

Cut out a piece of cardboard so that it perfectly fits into the case. Color the front part of the cardboard black (with a permanent felt pen or similar) to have a uniform and modest background. This is especially important if the powder has a dark color. Cover the front part of the cardboard with glue and dip it into the powder. Adjust the powder grains on the cardboard so that a uniformly dense pattern is achieved.