7.62x25 Tokarev factory ID

IAA headstamp list says it may be Tula. Municion.org say Cheliabinsk. Who is right?

The list I have shows the manufacturer’s code “541” to be Tcheliabinsk, from 1943 to 1945. (Actually, the list says 1943 - 1944, but I have in my own collection, and believe it to be common, a “541” Tokarev round dated 45.)

As to the proper spelling in the Western alphabet, I don’t know exactly. It is, of course, transliterated from Cyrillic, so in some measure the spelling will be determined by the native language of the person who translated it in our alphabet.

The above is obviously the same location as you reported in your question, simply spelled differently. It is possible that this factory was set up with help from Tula. there was a lot of cooperation among factories in the USSR during the war, of course, and some factories were actually completely moved away from the front lines, and very quickly at that. A pretty impressive achievement.

Thanks, John, here is the original spelling - Челя́бинск.