7.62x25 TT by Pakistan Ordnance Factories

I just returned form the Eurosatory where I came across these POF made 7.62 TT in brass cases. According to POF these are for the civilian Pakistani market and are the latest caliber addition amongst their products. They also said they arranged for a copper clad steel case production years before but never started production (just fatcory internal test runs).
No info as for the hs, sorry.

This one is for you Jon:

See if you can get samples, or at least headstamp and box pics.

The Exhibitor workers must have lost a 7,62x25 dummy…,they stick a 9x19 dummy (see Hole) in with the 7,62x25s…

Doc AV

Well, they had spares they told but could not give any. No boxes there and the show is over anyways.

Next time, kick them in the shins, grab a few, and then run very fast!