Got this the other day. 2 piece plastic box 7.62x25. Mixed H/S’s inside.


More 7.62x25

With 1948 and 1951 headstamps, I’ve never been able to decide where the Interarms imports came out of. Your paper packets are Bulgarian. Lots of Bulgarian Tokarev ammo has been imported into the US in recent years.

Do they just toss whatever they have into the box?


Generally they are 38 * 51 * and 539 * 48 *.

Well, I will try it again. My first attempt did not post.

All of these Interarms boxes I have seen, and that is dozens and dozens since when it came out, we sold a fair quantity of it, have generally been a mix of only two or three headstamps. I suppose from that, one could say that they just “threw whatever they had in the boxes,” but that conjurs up a false image of boxes with 30 and 40 different headstamps and varying condition. The ammo was all in pristine condition, and sure-fire.
Corrosive, of course.