7.62x25mm Blank Adaptor (plastic) using a Shotgun Primer

I ran across this on the internet and had not seen these (that I can remember :-) until now-

In the photo below are “Zhevelo Shotgun Primers for Reloading” used in the 7.62c25mm blank adaptor cartridge


Below is the online translation of the item description for the adaptor cartridge-

Type: TT pistol cartridges-with
The full name: Cartridges under zhevelo for the pistol ТТ-with
Caliber: 5.6 mm
Cartridge type: Idle
Uses: To simulate the sound of the shot
Material: Plastic



Brian, “till now” is relative as they come up every day with new stuff when it comes to guns rendered into blank firing devices etc.

They also offer these made of “brass” but the images do show something made of steel with a laquer coating or cadmium plated ones.


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The shoulder looks a bit lower than a standard Tokarev cartridge. Does any of the literature mention a special barrel?

Jon, these are not for live guns but for blank firing weapons. Means there must be differences which do prevent chambering a live cartridge.
The one here seems to have a shorter case body and smaller diameter of the projectile section.
Maybe the live guns get a sleeve welded into the barrel so only these adaptors can be chambered.

Is the hole on the shoulder for replicating the pressure required for function of the action?

This is what I think.

The TT-S pistol made by Molot uses this adapter:


I guess the next question is how do we acquire one or more of these adaptors for our 762 x 25 mm collections? :-) or :-( ?

John Moss

I’m curious about this, too. What is it considered in terms of what the ATF would be concerned for bringing in a few?