7.62x25mm Subsonic Cutaway


7.62x25mm Peoples Rep China subsonic, called “Type 62”, used in the type 64 or type 85 silenced SMG. Headstamp 11/88


On another forum the question as to why the gun powder is white came up. Does anybody know why? Please and thankyou. wolfgang


Neat sections, Wolfgang. I always thought that if the base of the bullet were shortened to cut weight to 70-80 grains for a supersonic load, it’d make a nifty mini-assault rifle round.

BTW, how do you make the core look black? The one time I sectioned a Czech 9x19 round, the steel core and lead sleeve both looked the same: bright, shiny silver.


They get so polished smooth that a mirror reflection happens in the steel core. What you are seeing is just the angle of the light. Its the only way to make that core stand out. I take 5 different pics under different lighting and choose the best to put online. Seems to work well.


Correct me if I’m wrong but if I remember correctly Type 67 pistol used 7,62x17 round;
7,62x25 Type 62 subsonic ammo was to be used only in submachine guns - Type 64 and Type 85


You are right - and that’s my fault for having mistakenly mentioned that to him back before he sectioned the rds. If I am correct however, these cartridges can be individually hand loaded into the chamber of a Tokarev TT or a Czech CZ52 pistol. Though I’m not sure why one would want to.


It makes me happy when all the problems get fixed before getting back. Thanks everyone, and good call mpopenker.


Wolfgang, great cutaway, as usual.

The correct designation of this round is Type 64.