7.62x25mm Unusual Romanian Packaging

Quote Classic Firearms-

“The vast majority of the Romanian 7.62x25 ammo that we had came in sealed tins. However, we had several cases that were packaged differently and when we opened the wooden crates we found that they did not have sealed tins but that they contained ammo in the boxes, packaged in protective wax covered sleeves, of either 144 rounds or 288 rounds.”


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Interesting packing…
I might have a box or two of that, I need to search.
You don’t by chance have an opened pack, or single box?

Brian, it appears to be a 1996 repack. Very interesting!

The link does not work for some reason.


Strange! I just clicked on the link and it worked.

Very nice box! It was repacked by the Military Unit number 0445 in 1996. The cartridges were made by Sadu in 1982.


This is typically how the Romanian 7.62x25mm has shown up in imports i.e. 1224 round spam can, 72rd box/carton.


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I got a couple of packs of that a bit ago, a bit disappointed they didn’t contain any headstamp or material variations.

The link to classicfirearms.com “works”, but is rejected by the webserver as forbidden (HTTP code 403). It seems Classic Firearms looks at the IP address and does only accept requests from selected countries.

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Yes, a smart move in a globalized world!


Yup, I have two of those… I can see them, but there are too many ‘things’ piled up for me to get to them today… ah, yea, way too much stuff.

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